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Someone's started a wiki of obsolete skills. A few of the entries that jumped out at me for whatever reason:
  • Adjusting rabbit ears on top of a TV

  • AT commands for dial-up modems (I still remember those... ATDT*70,,,525xxxx [gotta disable call waiting and wait for the tone to return] and ATH0 *hhssssssssssssss*)

  • Balancing the tonearm on a turntable

  • Changing the ribbon on a typewriter

  • Configuring Trumpet Winsock (Back in MY day...)

  • Cranking up or down a car-window

  • Operate a credit card imprinter (click-clack) (Ah, the thumb-smasher...)

  • Filing cards in a library card catalog

  • Getting off the couch to change channels on your TV set (Well, it IS more of a pain to shuttle through 70+ channels, than it was to go through 5-6.)

  • Inserting a game cartridge at just the right angle to make it work

  • Knowing what part of town someone lives in by their phone exchange (Er, I still do that...)

  • Numbering your punch cards with a pencil, in case you drop your program

  • Opening a can of beer or soda with a church key

  • Operating an Overhead Projector (I can change bulbs, too.)

  • Porn not from the Internet (What? There was pr0n before the internet? Dude!)

  • Punching a hole in the shell of a single-sided 5.25" floppy disc to make it double-sided (Oh Lord, I remember doing that...)

  • Setting the timer on a VCR

  • Operating a Treadle Sewing Machine (I still know how to do that...)

  • Winding up loose cassette tape with a pencil eraser before putting the cassette in the deck (Oh how many, many times... and splicing with a tiny bit of cello tape, a vital skill.)
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