May. 23rd, 2009

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"Glass Onions of Time" talks about a couple of groups who have created historical map mashups of various cities. Overlay maps, peel them away, and see the changes through time.

One, Cartifact, provides overlay maps for sale.

The other major project, HyperCities, is funded by the MacArthur Foundation, and includes the following description:
Rather than surfing the web, going from site to site, portal to portal, what if you could surf a city, browse its streets, get lost in its buildings, meet friends and strangers in a hyperlinked world, go back in time, and reemerge in another city?

Hypercities is a revolutionary aggregation platform built out of and on top of real cities: it augments the space and time of the physical world with the information web and renders the experience of the World Wide Web geographic and temporal.

They've taken old maps and adjusted the size and angle so that they perfectly overlay Google maps. Cities available so far include New York, Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Rome, Tel Aviv, and Ollantaytambo, Peru. Some only have the current Google map and 1-2 old ones, but they're adding more as they go.

How very, very cool!

Michael Magurzki has created Old Oakland, with five old maps and a current one.
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Soil Bacteria Work In Similar Way To Antidepressants
UK scientists suggest that a type of friendly bacteria found in soil may affect the brain in a similar way to antidepressants.


Lead author, Dr Chris Lowry from Bristol University said, "These studies help us understand how the body communicates with the brain and why a healthy immune system is important for maintaining mental health".

"They also leave us wondering if we shouldn't all be spending more time playing in the dirt," he added.

"Identification of an immune-responsive mesolimbocortical serotonergic system: Potential role in regulation of emotional behavior."
C.A. Lowry, J.H. Hollisa, A. de Vriesa, B. Pana, L.R. Brunetb, J.R.F. Huntb, J.F.R. Patonc, E. van Kampena, D.M. Knighta, A.K. Evansa, G.A.W. Rookb and S.L. Lightmana.
Neuroscience Available online 28 March 2007

Apart from having a range of pharmacological actions, serotonin constricts blood vessels, sends messages between cells in the brain and within the central nervous system, regulates secretion of digestive juices, and helps to control the passage of food through the gut.

(Wait - 2007? And I'm only hearing about this now? I wonder if this contributes to this stupid inability to lose weight?)


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